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Domestic Violence: Assessment and Treatment:
A 40 Hour Online Class for Facilitators of Batterers Intervention Programs

California Penal Code requires that facilitators of Batterers Intervention Programs (1203.097c) receive 40 hours of core basic training and 16 hours of yearly continuing education. This 40 hours continuing education program will meet all of the core training requirements.

Take a long or as short as you like to complete the program. When you are finished reading all the material and answering all the questions, you complete a program evaluation. Once I receive that, I will email you a link for your certificate of completion.

Goals of Program:

  1. To develop the necessary skills to provide court-mandated treatment to male and female perpetators of domestic violence
  2. To learn how to conduct assessments of domestic violence perpetators
  3. To learn how to conduct a violence history
  4. To identify factors that increase risk in domestic violence
  5. To understand the difference between diagnosis and violent behavior
  6. To identify the legal and ethical issues inherent in domestic violence treatment
  7. To learn how to develop a measurable treatment plan with domestic violence perpetrators
  8. To recognize and address childhood abuse issues with perpetrators
  9. To identify behaviors necessary for graduation from treatment
  10. To be able to recognize the differences and similarities between male and female perpetrators
  11. To recognize and address cultural factors in treatment of perpetrators
  12. To understand the needs of victims and the couple dynamics of domestic violence

This workshop includes information on domestic violence assessment and treatment, including:

  • Overview of treatment intervention
  • Assessment procedures
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Addressing Cultural Issues
  • Child Abuse Assessment
  • Treatment of Childhood Abuse
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Substance abuse
  • Suitability for treatment
  • Treatment goals, methods and evaluation
  • Running the group
  • Handling re-offenses
  • Therapeutic alliance
  • Neurobiology of Violence
  • Graduation from treatment
  • Victim psychology
  • Coordinated community response to domestic violence
  • Plus forms to use in your treatment program

To take this 40 hour CEU workshop, all you have to do is pay the registration fee of $300.00 by credit card using the PayPal link below. After processing your payment, PayPal will direct you to the workshop page. Here you will find the link for the reading material. Included with your fee for this class is my book, Domestic Violence: The Court Mandated Perpetrator and Assessment Handbook, and the Domestic Violence Risk Assessment Software.

Cost: $300.00

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